Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon

Have you seen it yet?  I went with a group of girlfriends (we all went to see Twilight together, too) last Tuesday night.  We waited for the craziness to die down a little bit--as in people camping out in line.  I mean, ya, I like the Twilight series but it is too damn cold to stand in line for 24+ hours to see a movie. 

I was a little surprised that the movie had just come out the Friday before we saw it and by Tuesday the theater was actually pretty empty.  I was a little nervous that maybe that was saying something about the movie and that we were about to be really disappointed.  The first movie was okay.  It was neat to see the book brought to life--but it could have been done so much better.  I was pretty happy when I heard that there was going to be a new director for New Moon--and then when I found out that it would be the guy who directed The Golden Compass I was stoked. 

I don't want to give anything away for those who have not seen the movie--or read the books--but I have to say, New Moon was head and shoulders above Twilight.  And, I am and always have been Team Edward...but...damn!  Jacob is HOOOOTTTTT!  (and yes, I know I am being very cougarish right now)  I was finding it very hard not to root for him during the movie. 

Have you seen the movie yet?  Well, what are you waiting for...go on...you know you want to...LOL

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  1. I agree with absolutely everything you've said here!

    I think this movie was much better than Twilight...and it was obvious the budget was quite a bit larger.

    And I'm also Team Edward, but I found I liked Jacob's charter SO MUCH MORE in the movie than I did in the books. Taylor Lautner is a hottie, for sure. Major eye candy. (I guess we'll be cougars together.)

    I really enjoyed this movie.



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