Monday, December 21, 2009


My husband had to work all day on Saturday so after Tino had come in and told me he was bored for the 340th time I grabbed the phone and dialed for movie info.  I hadn't heard very much about Avatar but when I mentioned it to Tino he said that that was the one he wanted to see.

We got to the theater about 20 minutes early--which was a good thing as there was already a pretty big line to see this movie.  We had a choice to see it in either 3D or regular (3D was $3 extra) and Tino said that he wanted to watch it in 3D, so a small fortune later and we had our tickets and our 3D goggles.  Thankfully, the line went quickly and it wasn't too hard to find a good seat.

So how was it?  OMG!!!  Awesome doesn't really cover it. The movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and you don't even realize it.  It is one of those movies that you are kind of bummed when it is over and you have to go back to the real world, LOL.  Usually Tino finds it hard to sit through a regular length movie and he DID NOT move during the whole thing.

If you get the chance, go see it.  And let me know what you think.


  1. Did it make you sick? I heard on Good Morning America that the effects were giving some people motion sickness. I am definitely planning on seeing it but don't want to come out feeling nauseous.

  2. I've heard that it was a great film, but not much of a movie goer am I. Actually, it really costs too much money here in New York so we get the DVD's. Tickets average $25 for two and then who can go to a movie without popcorn and soday!!!

  3. I saw it this weekend also. I couldn't believe how good it was. When it was over I felt like it had just got started, I wanted to see what else happened.

    By the way, new follower to your site. Love you blog.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. No, the movie did not make me sick. When I first put the goggle thingys on, it did take a couple minutes for me to get used to them--I was afraid they might prove to be a pain--but within a couple minutes I forgot I was even wearing them.

  5. I've been hearing this from pretty much everybody....I'll definitely be seeing it, though not in 3-D. We don't have that option here, unfortunately.

    Glad you had a good evening!


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