Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And We Have Exterior Illumination

I told you he was crazy, didn't I?  He just finished with the lights last night--he did get held up a little bit by the rain, though.  Crazy or not, he is one hell of a Christmassy illuminator.

What do you think?





Next time...interior illumination.  Yep, he does that too.


  1. Hey there's nothing like a few (or a lot) of Christmas lights to feel the holiday spirit. It looks great and very festive!

    Happy Holidays,


  2. I think...WOW!
    He should be called Clark Griswold Jr. LOL

    It looks amazing though. Very pretty and neat.

    I don't mind lights on homes...but I hate it when they're hanging carelessly and half the lights are burned out. LOL It looks so tacky.

    Your hubby did a fine job.


  3. My goodness, it is beautiful. Congrats to your hubby on a fine job. Sadly, I can't even have lights in the window. The fuse blows. So, I have some battery operated candles.

  4. This is very nice! I love your header too! There's just something about a cozy home.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Dessa!


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