Thursday, February 4, 2010

Note to Self: Stay Away From the Keyboard When Immersed in Self Pity

I feel a little chagrined after reading back over my last post of a couple days ago.  With so many other parts of the world going through some very difficult times, I really do need to remember how very blessed I am.  And I am.  My family and I have a home.  G and I have jobs.  There is food on our table and in our pantry.  We are able to pay our bills--well, okay, most of them anyway.  Hey, the electricity, gas and water is still on so it's all good.  And G and I and our kids are healthy.  I could sit here all day and make a list of the good things in my life and I need to hold on to that.  So, I apologize for being such a downer the other day.

On another note, I have been meditating!  The last few days I have been taking 15 to 20 minutes to just get quiet.  I tune my iPod to some nature sounds and find a quiet place to relax.  I would like to report that I am actually enjoying it and find myself looking forward this part of my day.  I don't freak out when thoughts and ideas stream through my mind anymore.  I just let them come and then let them float on down the stream.  It is quite interesting what your mind will begin to show you when you actually turn inside and begin to pay attention.

I also picked up a couple books on jewelry making.  The first is called Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton and I LOVE, LOVE it.

I have never made jewelry before so I am a complete beginner but I have had an inkling to learn how and I just adore how this book is set up and the ideas behind it.  This is from the back cover:

"Transform your ideas into art jewelry.  Learn to infuse meaning in your jewelry with this innovative mixed-media book from Cynthia Thornton, the creative mastermind of Green Girl Studios.

Harness your inspiration, create magical elements from metal clay, wire, resin, and found objects and then turn your ideas into wearable art."

The other book is Beading--The Creative Spirit:  Finding Your Sacred Center through the Art of Beadwork by Rev. Wendy Ellsworth. 

I have not had as much time to look through this one but it also looks very inspiring and I can't wait to get into it.  This is from the back cover:

"Beading and my spiritual path are intricately interwoven.  It would be difficult for me to separate the two because they are so completely intertwined with one another.  As I sit and weave with my beads, I allow the Creative Spirit to flow through me, and though my hands are doing the work, another force is actively participating in the process.  This force is a transmission of Spirit that fills me with deep inner peace and joy as I bead.  As a result, the practice of my art form has become a creative path to my sacred center."

A Project From the Book

I also joined a bead kit-of-the-month club thingy to help me learn the whole process.  You only have to pay for the projects you want and can return the others.  I will let you know what I think of it but I am really excited to get started. 

I hope you are all doing well.  I wish you a wonderful blessed day.


  1. there is something about creating something... that just lifts you... no matter what it is... Your books look wonderful.... Can not wait to see what you eventually do create.... and about letting it out... don't be so hard on yourself... we all have to do it sometimes... be thankful that you have a place here where it is possible... blessings

  2. Glad to hear you are getting the 'hang' of meditation...and that its working for you...My daughter's mother-in-law is into beading and having a wonderful time...I'm sure you will also...looking forward to seeing what you create..

  3. I love meditating and really find it gives me a sense of peace that I used to have to struggle to find.

    The jewlery/beading projects sound like fun!

    You don't have to apologize for being yourself - I like to stomp my feet a little too from time to time. It's great that you appreciate what you have, but it's okay to give a scream now and then!

  4. It's sounds like you are feeling a little better! ;)


  5. Sometimes it does us good to vent! Better than bottling it in! *hugs*

  6. If you can't be yourself on your own blog then what's it there for? Sometimes you just have to write out the woes to get beyond them.

    Those books look great! I hope you will feel able to share with us what you create, I would love to see!

  7. I have a bajillion beads and someday when I tame the pile of fabric in my dining room, I want to take up beading. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  8. I wish I was more artsy. I really do. But I'm so glad you've found something to craft. Good for you!

    I look forward to seeing your creations.

    And also, "Yay!" You're meditating. I knew you could. :D


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