Friday, February 12, 2010

Herbal Remedies: Kloss's Liniment


Kloss's Liniment is a very old herbal remedy created by Dr. Jethro Kloss.  It is wonderful for reducing inflammation of the muscles, for cleansing wounds, and for soothing insect bites.  
The herbs in this recipe have antiseptic, warming, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties--as such they will aid in the increase of circulation in areas where muscles are sore.

I have even used this liniment on family members who had the beginning stages of a boil coming on with very satisfactory results.  I just covered the area with a large gauze pad soaked in the liniment and covered it with a band aid for a day or two. It pretty much stopped the boil in it's tracks and began to heal it up.  This is really great stuff.

1 oz. Echinacea Powder
1 oz. Organically grown Goldenseal Powder
1 oz. Myrrh Powder
1/4 oz. Cayenne Powder
1 Pint Rubbing Alcohol

Weight out the powders and put them in a pint sized jar.  Pour rubbing alcohol over the powders, leave a good 2-inch margin above the herbs.  Stir and put a lid on the jar.  Place mixture in a warm location and let sit for four weeks.

Using cheesecloth, strain mixture and re-bottle.  Label bottle clearly FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY as rubbing alcohol should never be taken internally.

It may be useful to bottle liniments in a spray bottle.  It is easy to spray it onto areas with sore muscles or onto wounds that need cleansing.

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  1. ~will have to give this a whirl...thank you for sharing this...brightest blessings~

  2. Neat - I always love a good cure-all! Thanks for this.'s amazing how many sore muscles I get as I get older - ugh!

  3. I need to try this. Thanks, Dessa!

  4. Dear Dessa,
    I really like the photograph in your blog post above with the flowers and herbs. If this is your photograph could I have your permission to use it on a website for naturopathy treatment? We will of course be more than happy to credit you.
    With many thanks in advance,


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