Monday, September 20, 2010

Learning Tarot

I have had a passing interest in learning more about Tarot card reading for a long time.  I had always heard stories about my great-great-great grandmother and her tea leaf reading fame in the small town where she lived and maybe my wanting to read Tarot cards is in some small way an effort on my part to connect to her.  Until recently, though, learning Tarot was always put on a back burner for a time in my life when I had more time--until I joined an online group of women known as Spirit Sisters on Facebook, that is.  I am a procrastinator.  I am.  There is no way around it.  But, somehow, connecting with these women has really struck a cord in me and has made me want to delve deeper into my magickal studies.  I am very grateful for their energy, friendship, and wisdom...and I count myself very lucky to be one of their number.

Yesterday, I ordered my very first deck of Tarot cards.  After spending most of the morning looking at different decks and trying to find one that resonated with me...I finally chose the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck:
  I love the colors and imagery of this deck and can't wait to it arrives.  Until then I am going to study all I can so that I will at least know how to begin using them.  There are some wonderful Tarot discussions at the Spirit Sisters group and I will definitely be looking deeper into those.  I am really glad that I have some very knowledgeable and wise women to turn to for help in these studies.  Thank you Spirit Sisters!

A few weeks ago I was in a neat store we have in town called Earthtones.  They sell all manner of witchy and magickal items.  This store is owned by a really wonderful gal named Mary who also is the lady who first invited me to the monthly drumming circles I have been going to.  While looking at all of the cool things they have to offer one day before circle I came across a deck of oracle cards--The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck--a 44 card oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

  Now, I know that these are not true Tarot cards but when I saw the imagery of the cards I just fell in love with them and had to get them.  These are some of the cards:

 Aren't they beautiful?  I have been spending a lot of time with the cards...getting to know them and letting them get to know me :-)  . 

For the first time last night I chose one card and it turned out to be card #38 The Keeper of the Scales...Fairness, Balance as Ally (or upright position).  This is from the book that comes with the deck:  "The Law of Harmony is enacted when the Keeper of the Scales comes to you as an ally.  Align with her as the law states, making conscious choices that create balance in your life.  When you do, you also magically align with the abundance of the universe and the powerful forces of synchronicity.  This creates conditions and possibilities  that lead to the fulfillment of your highest intentions.

Harmony begins with the self and then resonates out towards others.  You are in harmony with yourself when you nurture yourself with love, respect and acceptance, always fully taking responsibility for your actions.  Only then can you be in harmony with others.

Another message is restoration and the positive, fair resolution in all disputes, including those involving the legal system or other important exchanges.  The Keeper of the Scales is a just and kind ally, always making sure balance is activated on your path."

What does this mean to me personally?  I know that Balance is definitely something I need to work on.  Many of the things I have been focusing on are not about balance.  I need to take a hard look at this and begin the hard process of letting those things go. 

Interestingly, before I even chose the The Keeper of the Scales card I noticed that another card had separated itself from the deck and was just sitting there in a spot I do not remember placing it in.  This card was #16 The Shadow Queen...Acquiring Knowledge, Insecurity, Manipulation. 

This is what the book said about this card:  "The Shadow Queen tells you that too many of the details hidden behind your circumstances prevent your from moving forward quickly at this time.  She has come with a lantern to help shed light on what is concealed within you or your situation.  This is the time to wait for more to be revealed.

Perhaps you lack clarity and the knowledge of how to proceed with the subject of your inquiry.  It's time to educate yourself a little more about your intention and then put that information to work for you.  The Shadow Queen asks that you dig deep to gain strength and that you have the courage to ask someone "in the know" to shed some light on your circumstances.  She promises to send that person to you.  Beware of moving too quickly in the dark, as you will probably trip and fall and have to start again."

What does this mean to me?  "BINGO!!!"

I hope you will continue on with me through this learning adventure.  I am really looking forward to learning a little more about myself and I think Tarot can be a powerful tool to do just that.  So mote it be!


  1. I too am in the process of learning about tarot. In my copious spare time (LMAO) I am trying to feel the cards and learn them. I will be interested in reading your opinions/ reflections as you learn!

  2. I love tarot. I bought myself a really nice deck awhile back (and then bought my mother a deck--*waves at Tracy*), and I also got myself a deck of oracle cards. I love working with both. I usually use the tarot for specific, burning questions, and I use the oracle cards for general advice. I'm still working on learning the cards, though, and it's going to be a long time before I can read without using the I'm right there with you!

  3. I'm on that learning wagon right there with ya. The oracle cards are lovely. The pictures are amazing.

  4. I own one tarot set and I just can't get the feel of it. Now my two oracle sets I have, I love them and don't seem to have a problem reading them.

    Can anyone join that group on facebook?


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