Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Dreams Are Trying to Tell Us Something

Sorry I have been so quiet lately.  I have been a little distracted.   I feel so horrible about the situation that has been going on in Haiti--just heard that those poor people were shaken up by another 6.1 magnitude "after shock".   It sounds like things are getting better ironed out over there now, but it sure seems like it took longer than it should have.  I also know that it is a whole lot easier for me to sit here and criticize while others are over there doing the hard work--so I'll shut up about that.  My heart just goes out to everyone who is hurting over there right now.  My prayers are with them.

One of the things I have been up to is visiting the website of Lauri Quinn Loewenberg.  It is called The Dream .  I first heard about Lauri when she began appearing on the local morning radio show that I listen to when taking my son to school.  She has been studying our dreaming minds for over 14 years and she can teach us how to interpret what our subconscious minds are trying to tell our conscious minds. 

I bought her two books for my mom for her birthday and when I had kind of a weird dream the other night that really seemed to "stick" with me, I used her dream dictionary to kind of get an idea of what was going on and then I posted the dream in her dream forums to see if Lauri could perhaps give me a little insight.  \

Below is my synopsis of my dream  and after that is Lauri's interpretation.  Pretty cool stuff.

"I heard a commotion at night outside our house. I went to the back French doors and looked out. A large black dog with markings like a Rottweiler was chasing and harassing a pig (not attacking but messing with) and in the dream I knew that this was my pig. I started to go out the doors to rescue my pig but the dog came running up to the door and since my own two dogs were in the house with me and wanting to go out to get this dog I could not go out. I went back into my bedroom where my husband was sleeping in bed. When I came in I could see someone standing outside our window. The windows were covered except for the top foot or so. Someone was holding a small round mirror up in able to see if we were inside the room. I walked up to the window to see who the heck was trying to look in and it was my little sister and she was crying. As I was trying to find out what was wrong I woke up. Can anyone provide any ideas here. I got the feeling that this dream was significant for some reason."

From Lauri:

 "The back yard represents your private business. Is this something that you are keeping private from others? This may also be that this is about your own inner thoughts you are keeping to yourself.

The dog is your loyalty to your husband. The pig represents the part of you that feels you may be acting selfish and greedy by uprooting yourself from your marriage in order to obtain your own needs. This conflict you are having is being played out with the pig and the dog.

You want to rescue your pig because you seem to be wanting to rescue your needs more than standing by your man. But you can't do it because of your own dogs, which also symbolize your loyalty to the marriage. It seems your needs are being outnumbered.

Your husband is sleeping because he is not fully aware of all the inner turmoil you have over this. The mirror is your concern as to how this would reflect on your marriage if you were to move away from your husband.

Your sisters tears are your own inner tears. Your dream may be showing you that this would be quite painful. You will also need to put on your thinking cap and see how you can connect your sister to this situation. Has she given you advice? Maybe she is happy where she is and she may then symbolize that same happiness that you want for yourself. Is she married? What is her marriage like? Let me know!

Oh, I may want to use this in my new book, if you don't mind. I am currently on the home chapter and I need a good dream involving a backyard."

So if you have any dreams you are wondering about, I highly recommend this gal. 


  1. Very interesting, thanks so much for the information. Off to check out more.


  2. Wow - she really had some insight into your dream! I'm going to check her out! I always have such strange dreams....

  3. Oh my goodness! Gave me chills. This woman is truly insightful.

    I will definitely check her out. And how cool! You're dream might be in her next book. VERY cool.



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