Saturday, November 14, 2009

That's My Boy!

This boy loves him some soccer!

He and his friends play at recess and lunch break every day at school. Going to practice twice a week with his team and playing in the games on the weekends is like his favorite thing.

But, ah oh, today were the playoffs and the soccer season has officially come to an end.
To say he was bummed out is an understatement.

What could possibly make this boy smile again?

Why the team party, of course...

And a little pizza and cupcakes and video games don't hurt either.


  1. Awww....what a cutie! I hope one day my little man will be able to play organized sports like this. Autism won't hold us down! :)

    BTW, I'm going to snag your button. Yay!


  2. Thanks, Boo. Sorry it has taken me so long to acknowledge the comments...I am still learning about this blogging thing.

    It is my whole hearted prayer that we will be able to knock Autism out completely some day very soon. It just is not fair.


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