Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I feel like it is my first day of school. I am sitting here staring at the blank posting prompt trying to decide how I would like to begin this new blog of mine, what I want to say that will in some way impart to you who I am and what I am all about. I mean, I can list all the pertinent information for you. Stuff like:

  • 38 year old female
  • A Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend
  • A Spiritual Person
But, that doesn't even skim the surface, you know? There is so much more.

I could also tell you that I love to garden--both edibles and ornamentals. I try to do it as organically as possible but I cannot say that a weak moment or two of chemical frustration has not been known to occur.

I love animals and currently have rabbits, dogs, cats, and chicks. One day I hope to have goats, horses and cows. I think I was a farmer in another life.

I have a strong desire to learn to cook more from scratch for my family. This is not an easy undertaking for me. I struggle to cook much of anything. My mother never wanted to take the time to teach us kids how to cook so we were plenty happy spending our time out running through the countryside either on foot or on horseback. So, it will be a work in progress.

I don't completely trust Western medicine--although when one of my kids is sick I do not waffle about getting them to a doctor if needs be. I just try to find natural alternatives for as much as I can. I have a strong calling to learn more about using herbs medicinally and hope that I finally get my butt in gear and commit to doing so very soon.

I was a Christian for 13 years. I no longer consider myself one. I no longer consider the book that most Christian revere to be much more than a collection of thoughts, stories, ideas, fears, and dreams of people just like you and I. I do not see it as the "inspired word of God." I have come to believe that God--or even the idea of God--is so much bigger than us mere mortals could ever articulate and I feel it a bit arrogant to even believe that we could. I now walk more of a nature path and feel much more comfortable here.

However, and I say this as clearly as I possibly can, I honor and respect others who would call themselves Christian. And because they revere the book, I will also honor and respect it. I just do not live my life by the entirety of it's teachings as I once did. And I say this to anyone who claims anyother religion or way of life as their own. As long as you seek to respect others in the same way and do not cause others harm I believe that you are and should be free to live in the way you see best. There are a few things in that book I was talking about before that I do hold with and one of those is the well known saying, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

So, that is me, in a nut shell. I hope you will come back often and see what I am up to. I would love to get to know you better as well.

Be well...


  1. Hello! And thank you for the oh-so-kind comment on my blog. Parker will be happy. :)

    I was just reading your introduction and girl, we have a lot in common! I am now a loyal follower. Welcome to blogger!


  2. I agree with your philosophy. Be kind (to humans as well as animals) and do your best to be a good person and respect others. Appreciate the world around you. Live and love life~
    Thanks for visiting my blog and my bunnies! Stop back soon.


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